Projekt 29:11

Projekt 29:11 is based on Jeremiah 29:11.


For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11


We recognize that deeply wounded people will never be able to have healthy, lasting relationships with God, others around them and even themselves unless they encounter Jesus as both their Savior and Healer of their hearts. As Projekt 29:11 we have dedicated ourselves to one purpose: “Healing the brokenness of young generation.”


Reveal uses conferences and prevention talks in schools and churches as tools to help young people become aware of their own brokenness and their need for restoration. God promises in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has a plan to lead His people out of brokenness into hope and a better future. He starts this process by revealing their need for emotional and spiritual healing.


Restore refers to the deeper process of restoring the broken. Restore takes place in the context of local churches. Utilizing one-on-one care, counseling, and small groups, we help people continue down the path of ever-deepening, ever-growing, personal healing.


Refine is about training leaders and equipping churches to walk with others on their journey from pain to healing. This sphere of our ministry focuses on discovering, developing, and equipping young leaders to care for the broken people inside and outside their church communities.

God has been transforming the lives
of hundreds of young people and leaders from all over Poland.

He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.”

Psalm 147:3



Read the stories to see how God is healing today.


“The time of the pandemic and the two months of confinement at home painfully confronted me with difficult truths about myself and strong emotional reactions whose causes I could not find on my own. I knew the answer lay somewhere in the past, in my experiences with my family. The 29:11 emergency service arrived just in time. Several days of meetings with others and consultations with a psychologist allowed me to look at myself in a safe atmosphere and make the decision to seek further help”


“Emergency 29:11 showed me that we are not alone in our suffering. There are other people who have experienced similar problems. They found a way out – a deep relationship with God, but the path was not easy. The project showed me that through our perseverance in following God, there is hope that is greater than the pain we have within us. Never though we walk through the dark valley, we must never forget that our purpose here on earth is to strive bravely on our way to eternity”


“I listened to the interview on FB 29:11 on the topic of dealing with emotions. I liked how specific the girls were about how God helped them.

It wasn’t such a vague type: I prayed and God set me free, but specific guidance, which made it very believable for me”


“Whoa… I experienced a “rebirth” of new strength and …the wind in my wings…well…I even already forgot that these wings are still there”


“On some issues, it helped me to touch the subject at all. I’m glad I was able to confront injuries in such ‘laboratory’ conditions that I wish had never happened”


“The Hope Workshop has given me a sense that I am not alone, but that there are many other people who want to follow Jesus even though they have had a difficult past to deal with. This helps in the healing process”


“God showed me at the Workshop of Hope that He wants to take care of me and that I’m not alone in this whole mess, which is a lot. And that it’s worth it and necessary to fight and not give up – and that He will never give up on me!”

Get Involved  with Projekt 29.11

God has been faithfully providing for every need of 29:11 ever since this ministry started in 2008! Many individuals and churches all over the world have been moved by Him to be part of this movement of bringing healing to the brokenness of the young generation.

Therefore, we trust Him for supplying all our needs still today! If you would like to have your part in healing the brokenness of the young generation, you can get involved by praying for us, giving financially, and/or volunteering.

Support hope by:


Please join us in prayer for Jesus’ victory to shine brightly in places of darkness created by pain! Click the button below if you would like to learn more about joining our prayer team.


We raise support to provide scholarships for each girl attending the weekend conference, “Escape – From Pain to Hope” and scholarships to each leader attending our leader’s training. 


We are always looking for people that have a passion to assist the young generation. If you are from Poland, we invite you to contact us and you will find out more about ways to volunteer, via the button below.

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To moje kolejne „Wyjście” i do tej pory Bóg nigdy tak bardzo mnie nie dotykał.

Podczas Pracowni Nadziei odkryłam kolejne rany z przeszłości, które Jezus chce uleczyć.

Bardzo cenne jest to, że istnieje przestrzeń dla młodych dziewczyn.

Moja przygoda z Projektem rozpoczęła się kilka lat temu…

Wolność Copy

„Po co ja tu jestem?” – jedno pytanie krążące po głowie.
„Przecież jestem szczęśliwa. Moje życie jest poukładane, serce – pełne przebaczenia i zaufania”.
Już na pierwszym wykładzie pojawia się bunt.
„Dlaczego mam opowiadać o bólu? Dlaczego znów każą mi to przeżywać?”.

Wolność Copy

„Po co ja tu jestem?” – jedno pytanie krążące po głowie.
„Przecież jestem szczęśliwa. Moje życie jest poukładane, serce – pełne przebaczenia i zaufania”.
Już na pierwszym wykładzie pojawia się bunt.
„Dlaczego mam opowiadać o bólu? Dlaczego znów każą mi to przeżywać?”.

Uzdrowienie Copy

Przyjeżdżając na konferencję „Wyjście” nie spodziewałam się zmian w moim życiu. Myślałam jedynie, że fajnie będzie spędzić weekend z dala od domu, oderwać się od szkoły i obowiązków domowych. Chciałam po prostu dobrze się bawić.

Through partnering with Projekt 29.11, you are truly

  a part of God transforming

the lives of the young generation all across Poland.