Escape Stories

Some of the Participants decided to share the story of their Escape with you. Perhaps reading it will help you decide to join us at the next event, so that you can find yourself again and reconcile with God.

My adventure with the Project began a few years ago when I took part in the inner Source healing process. It was a time not only of extraordinary moments of release, discovering God’s truths and God’s calling for my life, but also a time of forming deep friendships. I have already participated in several Escape events.

I led small groups (one of my favorite moments when you can be so close to the stories of the hearts of the girls who come and you can accompany them on the way to releasing God’s love, forgiveness and joy). I also had the pleasure of giving two lectures. I also supported a prayer group. Being a volunteer in Project 29:11 is a wonderful adventure for me. And although many things are new to me and are a challenge for me, I know that the entire Project team consists of girls who provide extraordinary and understanding support. What I love about Project 29:11 is God’s presence and love for another human being. God’s presence that fills the heart of every girl in the Project. Love and care, total dedication of each volunteer towards the participants of the Escape. Project 29:11 is actually a place where HEALING OF THE WOUNDS OF THE YOUNG GENERATION takes place.


Przeczytaj inne Historie Wyjścia

To moje kolejne „Wyjście” i do tej pory Bóg nigdy tak bardzo mnie nie dotykał.

Podczas Pracowni Nadziei odkryłam kolejne rany z przeszłości, które Jezus chce uleczyć.

Bardzo cenne jest to, że istnieje przestrzeń dla młodych dziewczyn.

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