Escape Stories

Some of the Participants decided to share the story of their Escape with you. Perhaps reading it will help you decide to join us at the next event so that you can find yourself again and reconcile with God.

It is very valuable that there is a space for young girls where they can feel loved and safe. What is also amazing is that they have the opportunity to see and get to know God, or to return to a relationship with Him if they have neglected it. That’s why I want to be an instrument in God’s hands and shine His light among them.

It is interesting that despite the number of things from the past that have been processed a long time ago, God always wants to cleanse and attract people to Himself even more. I definitely see a difference, being a participant and a volunteer, but both of these roles make me more and more mature, aware, ready to forgive, more gracious, thanks to which I can also mature spiritually and lead an increasingly healthy Christian life.

As someone who had the privilege of leading girls into the space of worshiping God through music, I saw that the Spirit of God embraced them all and touched them all, each in its own way.

I believe that the walls that had been built over the years were beginning to crack from the presence of God and His Holiness. I also admire the brave women who made the decision to get out of pain, hurt, lack, unforgiveness, etc. and also began to see that they can find an ESCAPE through AWARENESS, GRAPPING ON THE HAND OF GOD, FORGIVENESS AND GRAPPING ON THE HAND OF OTHER PEOPLE.


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