Escape Stories

Some of the Participants decided to share the story of their Escape with you. Perhaps reading it will help you decide to join us at the next event so that you can find yourself again and reconcile with God.

This is my fourth time at the Escape conference and until now God has never touched me so much. I started my coming out story as a mentally damaged girl. After several suicide attempts, an attempted rape, and being beaten and harassed by my peers, I felt completely worthless.

A long time before I first came to “Escape”, my boyfriend broke up with me. I was 12 years old then, but he was much older than me. We were together for a long time. He broke up with me because I didn’t want to have sex with him. By then I had already gone through many experiences and I felt that in the body of this 12-year-old girl there was already a psychologically adult girl hidden, but deprived of everything that was valuable.

It was only here that I forgave all the people who hurt me. Here I met a loving and wonderful God. Every time I came to a conference I took maybe 10%, until today. I am now 4 years older and have lost so much in the last year. I have given a large part of my body to more than one boy.

The last male-female relationship, the ending of which was very difficult for me, made me lose my self-esteem once again. Even though God was with me, I felt like he was really far away. Thanks to the support of small groups and Iwona, I regained what I had lost recently. I forgave myself and the boys who hurt me. I also apologized to them for how I treated them. I am now experiencing God’s amazing presence. I finally feel beautiful, valuable and loved! I thank God and you for creating this place. I can confidently call myself a “child of the Escape”, because it was here that I was truly born again!

I love you and thank you for being here.

Julia Pazdej

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