As we lead others or are being led on the path of discipleship, we encounter walls of pain from the past that block us from experiencing the abundance of love from the Father.
These are places in our hearts where Satan is stealing, destroying, and killing something in us. However, Jesus said, “I came to give life and life in abundance” in the same places (John 10:10). God has a plan for how to get through the barriers of pain and lead us to restoration.

Restore refers to the deeper process of restoring the broken. Utilizing one-on-one care, counseling, and small groups, we help people continue down the path of ever-deepening, personal healing. Restore takes place in the context of local churches.

Our  Restore Events

Workshop of Hope / Workshop X – RAY

6-week emotional and spiritual support groups for people who participated in the “29:11 ER, “Escape” or “X-Ray” weekends. “Workshop of Hope” is for young women. “X-Ray Workshop” is for guys. Their goal is to help them implement the recovery steps in their daily lives and deepen their process of healing and freedom.

The Spring – the destination place

This is a 10-week study to help young people experience deeper healing and freedom from painful experiences in their lives. It focuses on 4 basic needs of human hearts – the needs for love, identity, place, and pleasure.

Needs that even human Jesus had (Matthew 3:17, 17:5). Our earthly fathers play a primary role in meeting these needs, leaving us with a mix of gifts, vacuums, and wounds in our hearts. During every meeting of the study, individuals learn to listen to the voice of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit as they each guide them to healing and freedom in the context of transparent community with other believers in the group. 


I left richer because my old wound was treated. I have new tools that complement my current psychotherapeutic and personal knowledge. I have received many gifts from my Father in the physical and spiritual realms.


It began my journey of relying on the Holy Spirit instead of relying on myself in the process of helping others.


This was not the first time I have searched my heart for identity, love, place and pleasure. I thought that I would not discover anything new. Yet something new has emerged. On Sunday, I experienced a cleansing and restoration of new parts of my heart. The training also gave me a great tool to help others and redefined my approach to talking to other people.


What I’ve discovered is that wounds can also come from my mother. They cause similar problems to the ones from Dad. – I got closer to the Holy Spirit and He came closer to me – I experienced him using me to touch the hearts of others and bring them closer to himself – it was amazing! – The words “Your mom did what she could” were of great importance to me – they turned out to be very relevant to my situation and liberating. This training encouraged me to wait for the Lord in listening to Him. It confirmed to me that listening, and not necessarily talking, is worth more in the process of touching the wounds of others, cleansing and rebuilding.

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