Refine is all about training leaders in local churches to lead others on their path of emotional-spiritual healing.

This sphere of our ministry focuses on discovering, developing, and equipping young leaders to care for the broken people inside and outside their church communities. We believe that transformed leaders transform society. Therefore our trainings always consist of two parts: transformation of leaders and training of leaders. Leaders are humans who are also on their journey of healing, but often don’t find a safe space for their process. Therefore, we intentionally create room for both. In turn, God refines them more into who He always wanted them to be and the role they were to play in His Kingdom. “29:11 Refine” equips leaders who are refined by God and brought to a place where He can use them to heal the brokenness of this generation.

Our  Refine Events

“The Spring” – leaders’ training

“You can only take people where you’ve been before.” – This is how we start our training. Therefore, for the first two days, we focus on our own journey. We invite each leader to come to the Father as she is and allow Him to lead her further into emotional freedom.

The last two days are devoted to equipping, so people can become better prepared to lead others through their areas of wounds.

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