History of

Projekt 29:11 is one of the programs operating within Josiah Venture. The vision of Josiah Venture is:

To see a movement of God among the youth of Central and Eastern Europe that finds its home in a local church and transforms society.”

The main founder of Projekt 29:11 is Iwona Eifling. The experiences of her life have awakened in her a great desire to help the wounded young generation find healing. She deepened her knowledge and desire by studying at Denver Seminary in Colorado, USA, where in 2001 she obtained an MA in Christian Counseling.


Getting Started

Projekt 29:11 started in 2008 with small groups for teenagers from divorced homes. Iwona continued to offer these weekend experiences throughout Poland for 4 years.

2013 Reveal, Restore, Refine

Time to Broaden

Later God choose to stop her and say:

It is time to broaden the platform. There are many other young people experiencing tremendous pain other than divorce. They need my healing too”.

After a year of prayer and seeking God, He gave the vision for a new stage of Projekt 29:11 – Reveal, Restore, and Refine.

Escape Weekend

From Pain To Hope

One of the first events that was born out of this new vision was a weekend conference called “Escape – from pain to hope”


37 attendees, with just 1 weekend that year.


85 attendees, with just 1 weekend that year.


130 attendees, another 25 were put on a waiting list, with just 1 weekend that year.


200 attendees, and we moved to 2 weekends that year.


230 attendees, with 2 weekends that year.


A Year of Multiplication

2018 was a year of multiplication. This last year we saw:

  • REVEAL | 4 Escape weekends in 4 different regions of Poland
  • RESTORE | Creating and implementing a strategy for helping local churches be places of care for the broken
  • REFINE | Strong focus on training leaders.

Time to broaden the platform

Time of prayer, purifying, training and preparing. Scripture that God gave for this season

“For I am about to do a brand-new thing. See, I have already begun! I will make a pathway through the wilderness”.


A good year

X Ray – after years of praying for men to lead Escape-like event for young men, God calls 4 men to this job
29:11 ER – emotional-spiritual support online. 4 stops – workshops, inspirations, interviews/prayer and support groups – still the same goal – healing the brokenness of the young generation.


Our weekends Escape – From Pain to Hope from its genesis in 2013, through this last year of 2020, has helped us reach over 1,300 young girls from all over Poland! Starting in 2020, young men will join the fruit through Xray  and 29:11 ER.

Learn About Our Ministries

God has been faithfully in transforming the lives of girls all across Poland through our different ministries. Many individuals and churches have been moved by Him to be part of this movement of bringing healing to the brokenness of the young generation. Learn about Reveal, Restore, and Refine below.

These ministires are designed for with you in mind.


Reveal utilizes conferences and prevention talks in schools and churches as tools to help young people become aware of their own brokenness and their need for restoration. God promises in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has a plan to lead His people out of bondage and slavery and into HOPE and the future. He does it by revealing their need for a Savior and a Healer.


Restore refers to the process of restoring the broken in the context of the local church. Restore takes place in the context of local churches. Utilizing one-on-one care, counseling, and small groups, we help people continue down the path of ever-deepening, ever-growing, personal healing.


Refine is all about training leaders and equipping churches to walk with others on their journey from pain to healing. This sphere of our ministry focuses on discovering, developing and equipping young leaders to care for the broken people inside and outside their church communities.