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Through partnering with Projekt 29:11, you are truly a part of God transforming the lives of the young generation all across Poland, and thus having direct impact on the spiritual and emotional future of Poland. See for yourself how even small amounts and little time can make a huge difference.

Join us   today by:

Support hope by  praying

„The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

‭‭Jana‬ ‭10:10‬

It is a spiritual battle that can only be won by spiritual weapons of prayer.Will you join us in this battle?

Pain is Satan’s favorite tool to accomplish his goals of stealing, destroying, and killing something in our lives. Stealing healthy self-esteem, destroying relationships, and killing hope for a better tomorrow are just a few of the examples of how he does it. Jesus, however, conquered Satan’s power over lives and therefore He can offer life and even more so – life in abundance in places of Satan’s destruction.

Please join us in prayer for Jesus’ victory to shine brightly in places of darkness created by pain. Check the box below to find out more.

1 Minute Prayer

It will take just 1 minute, but will have eternal impact. You can stop now and take a minute to pray for:

Many to decide to give their lives to Jesus during our events.
Many young people here have experienced wounds from parents who were absent or physically, emotionally, and/or sexually abusive.

Please pray that God’s love is poured over their hearts and tangibly penetrates each person attending our events.

Walls of unforgiveness to be broken.

Demonic oppression to be beaten (satanism, drugs, and experiments with occultism).

Freedom from sexual sins.

Young hurting people will community where they can be real about their pain
We are really encouraged each time we find out that somebody prays for us. Would you let us know that you just prayed.

Would you like to let us know that you have prayed or send a prayer word to us? You can do it here: Projekt 29:11 Virtual Prayer Book

Support hope by  giving


We soley rely on financial donors to provide scholarships for each young person attending any of the REVEAL weekends, scholarships for leaders participating in our trainings and to cover 29:11 employees salaries.  

One of our donors said, “I could buy another burger at the gas station, but I prefer to ‘buy’ a place for a participant at the 29:11 event. I will eat a burger and it will be gone, and something will change someone’s future”.

Imagine that for only 25 zlotys paid monthly for a year, you would send a needy person to our “X Ray” or “Exit- From Pain to Hope” weekend.

The World support hope

Support hope by   volunteering

Soon we will publish more information about volunteering as a part of Project 29:11.