How to start a relationship with Jesus

We believe psychology is God’s general revelation. He uses it to help us make the first step towards healing which is ‘awareness’. This step alone is not enough. We all know people who have great awareness but are far from experiencing freedom in their daily lives.

Beginning a relationship with Jesus is the starting point of our second key component of healing which we call holding on to God’s hand. One of God’s many names is THE HEALER, Yahweh Rapha. He is the power deeply involved in the healing of our broken hearts. He heals the brokenhearted (Psalm 147:3-5). God has the power to heal the most hopeless. However, the Bible teaches that only those who have given their lives over to Jesus, have access to this power through the Holy Spirit. Jesus experienced this power when He rose from the grave. We too can experience the same. The power of God can will bring us back to an emotionally healthy life (Romans 8:11).

Watch this video to find out more about how to take this step.


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