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God has been faithfully providing for every need of 29:11 ever since this ministry started in 2008! Many individuals and churches have been moved by Him to be part of this movement of bringing healing to the brokenness of the young generation. If God is moving your heart to be one of those individuals to fuel this movement, you can choose your way to support Projekt 29.11. We trust Him for supplying all our needs still today!

*This area of our ministry is currently under construction. Please check back for more details.

Support Hope

Through Prayer

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”

JOHN 10:10


It is a spiritual battle that can only be won by spiritual weapons of prayer. Will you join us in this battle?

Pain is Satan’s favorite tool to accomplish his goals of stealing, destroying and killing something in our lives. Stealing healthy self-esteem, destroying relationships, and killing hope for a better tomorrow are just few of the examples of how he does it. Jesus, however, conquered his power over lives and therefore He can offer life and even more so – life in abundance in places of Satan’s destruction.

Please join us in prayer for Jesus’ victory to shine brightly in places of darkness created by pain! Click the button below if you would like to learn more about supporting hope by prayer.



We will send you prayers that will take no more than 1 minute but nonetheless will have a powerful impact.  

Below are some categories that you can expect to get in your email:


  • Many to decide to give their life to Jesus.
  • Lots of girls here have experienced a lot of wounds from fathers who were absent or physically, emotionally, and/or sexually abusive. Please pray that God’s love is poured over their hearts and tangibly penetrate each girl.
  • Walls of unforgiveness to be broken.
  • Demonic oppression to be broken (satanism, drugs, and experiments with occultism).
  • Freedom from sexual sins.
Monthly prayer

We have a vision that people from different countries will be united in prayer for God to heal the ‘broken land’ of people’s hearts. We also know that there is power when we gather together to fight this battle. So, once a month we invite people from different parts of the world to join us in a zoom 1 hour prayer meeting. Everyone will receive the same prayer guidelines and can pray in their own language.

Our Prayer Team

If you would like to join our prayer chain on a regular basis, contact us via the button below and we will add you to our regular prayer updates.

We raise support to provide scholarships for each young person attending any of the Reveal weekends and scholarships to each leader attending our leader’s training. If you would like to support hope by giving financially, click below to find out more.We have two fundraising campaigns to help us with the continued needs of the ministry: “Poland supports HOPE” and “The USA supports HOPE”. If you would like to find how you can meet our financial needs, select one of the options below.  


We praise God for the growing number of individuals and churches that support Projekt 29.11 by both monthly and one-time gifts, here in Poland and in other parts of the world. We have two fundraising campaigns to help us with it the continued needs of the ministry: “Poland supports HOPE” and “The World supports HOPE”. If you would like to find how you can meet our financial needs, select one of the options below.  


There are around 200 young people per year attending Reveal weekends. They often come from abusive and dysfunctional homes with limited resources. We never want money to be an obstacle to their healing. Therefore we covered up to 60% of their cost by raising money for scholarships.

This amount can be covered by one time giving or by monthly gifts. If you would like to support through donating a scholarship for girls attending this weekend, click the button below.

We are looking for:
10 individuals – $100/month
10 individuals – $50/month
20 individuals – $25/month


Scholarships for leaders training is $90/person. The need for scholarship is 50 leaders/year. Total amount needed: $4500/year ($375/month).

We are looking for:
5 individuals – $50/month
5 individuals – $25/month

Ask the Lord which path of
Giving is right for you.

One can choose to support monthly, in any amount, to cover the expenses of girls at the Escape weekends or invest in training leaders who will bring healing to the young generation by monthly supporting in any amount.

Regular Giving

In our ministry we have reoccurring needs every year. Having monthly givers gives us a healthy level of financial stability which frees us from devoting more time to ministry instead of spending it on raising support to cover the needs. 

Having 30 monthly individuals will help us cover our annual need for 200 scholarships for “Escape – From Pain to Hope” weekend as well as 50 scholarships for leaders getting trained to serve in their local churches.

We are looking for:
5 individuals – $100/month
10 individuals – $50/month
20 individuals – $25/month

One-Time Giving

We know that there are many people and churches who love to give one-time gifts. They are of high significance to us because they help cover special projects and I’ll quickly our current financial needs. Please click the button below for a one-time donation:

If you have any questions about scholarships, giving, or donations, please contact us.

We are always looking for people that have a passion to assist the young generation. There are many ways you can support hope by volunteering with us. Choose one that mostly resonates with you:

– Write your story of healing 
– Lead a small group on line or during our events 
– Be psychological support to those seeking help 
– Volunteer during events
– Lead a workshop
– Pray with us 
– Other – write us if you have an idea of how to volunteer