Reveal refers to revealing God’s plan for the brokenness of this generation. The first stage is to bring awareness that pain leaves emotional wounds and that God is the healer of human hearts (Ps.147:3). The goal is to present basic tools for how we can deal with emotional pain so it doesn’t lead to further distraction.


Reveal utilizes conferences and prevention talks in schools and churches as tools to help young people become aware of their own brokenness and their need for restoration. God promises in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has a plan to lead His people out of brokenness into HOPE and a better future. He starts this process by revealing their need for emotional and spiritual healing.

Our Reveal Events

These events are like “first-aid” for emotional wounds. We aim to provide participants with basic mechanisms for coping with pain.

Xray – touch freedom

We believe that everyone is called to freedom. X Ray is a weekend for young men from 17-30 from different places and paths of life who got stuck in some places and unable to free themselves from fear, wounds, shame, limiting habits and everything they try to numb.

X Ray will reveal to them the truth about what is holding them back like an X Ray, which can not lie, and will lead them on the path to freedom. Emotional healing from wounds of the past is essential in order for a person to grow and experience peace. This time will help them see the wounded  areas of their lives that need God’s touch which will lead to lasting change.

It is currently being created. The first event is planned for winter 2021.


From Pain to Hope

“Escape – from pain to hope” is a weekend for young women between 15 and 25 years old, who have experienced wounds and pain.

During the first part of the weekend we primarily focus on pain. We intentionally zoom in on it to show how it affects people’s hearts. We accomplish this through workshops, personal stories and creative experiences.

During the second part, we move the emphasis to hope to show how God brings healing into broken hearts. Participants can see hope through personal stories, lectures and conversations with psychologists as well as with peers.

As a result, the whole weekend takes every student on a guided path from pain to hope. They are offered two hands on every part of this journey – the hand of God and the hand of another human. However, the choice is left up to them how much they will get from these hands. Nothing is forced there.

29:11 ER – emotional-spiritual support online

This brand new project was born in response to needs created by COVID virus. Crisis of all kinds, whether it is pandemia or family or other personal ciris, leave human heart with hurt, pain, fear and often it is hard to know where to find help.

29:11 ER is a serie of online events aiming to provide spiritual-emotional help within a ‘click’ .

“Four stops, one goal – healing the brokeness of the young generation” is our mission for these on line meetings. The four stops are: workshops, inspirations “#overcome”, interviews + prayer and closed on line support groups  called “Workshop of Hope”. 

Each week of 29:11  ER has its topic like: depression, troubles at home, anxiety, sexual addictions, emotional eating etc  Individuals joining us for a particular topic are led from one stop to another. Each step takes them deeper into steps of healing.  We offer free 1on1 spiritual and psychological consultations throughout the length of ER.

29:11 ER taking place twice a year spring and fall. It is geared towards young men and women between 15-30 years old and their parents. 


on Mondays we start with FB LIVE led by specialists in a given topic ie depression. The viewers have a chance to interact with with the facilitator by writing questions and comments and getting live feedback. 


throughout the week we post inspirational posts connected to the topic of the week (ie depression) and give a chance to the 29:11 community to inspire each other with ideas to the topic of the week.


on Fridays we me on FB LIVE again when a 29:11 host interviews 2-3 people from the young generation who have experienced pain and healing from the topic of the week.


these are online support groups that are the climax of the experience. This is where one can experience the greatest breakthroughs. Young people can attend these cell groups on ZOOM and still be able to build extremely intimate community despite the virtual element.  The groups last  10 weeks. 

FOUR STOPS, ONE GOAL // healing the brokenness of the young generation. 

Consultations with Christian psychologists

During all of our REVEAL events we offer free consultations with Chrsitian psychologists.